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Happy #419Day. Try the new @fowlandfodder spring menu filled with locally inspired favorites from around the 419. https://t.co/4MBMMTHeZA
Ladies! You've been asking for YEARS to get all of the organizations and events under one umbrella. It's... https://t.co/UaXf5hf6Lq
What's better than your name in lights? How about proudly displayed on @fowlandfodder's new community wall downtown? https://t.co/bB8yNspO77
I can't say enough great things about Scott Bowman and his lovely wife, Alexis Alexander Bowman. Very excited to... https://t.co/pi0DnMvLF3
Hello Facebook world. I'm on year 3 teaching the women in leadership course at @SaintUrsulaAcademy. I am mixing... https://t.co/meO5sGRbA3
Barbara Neal Roose​​ has the most ridiculously amazing podcast. And bonus... this episode is only TEN minutes!... https://t.co/sbEVV7MQza
These @RestaurantWeekToledo kickoff tickets will sell out quick like. Make sure to get your hands on some STAT.... https://t.co/mKeC04TCRo

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Why Coaching Businesses are made up of a lot of complex pieces, and sometimes organizing all of those pieces can be difficult. I can help you get your business organized, increase productivity, and in turn, increase your profitability.
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HEELS Services HEELS Coaching provides a wide range of services that include:
  • Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Trainings
  • Speaking Engagements
HEELS' Coaching Services


Heels Race If you’re wondering what in the heel you just got yourself into, good! You’re in for what is bound to be one of the most ridiculously amazing events that Toledo has seen in a long time. Go grab your heels, a stop watch and get racing for a good cause!
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The Heels Blog Are you looking for business advice, life tips, or just a good article to read? Look no further! The HEELS' Blog has all of that and much more. Like an article? Make sure to leave us a comment.
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Are you looking for ridiculously amazing results in your life or business but you can’t seem to get there because you feel stuck, confused or just plain lost? You’re in the right place! HEELS Coaching is your one stop shop for uncovering who you are in your life or business. HEELS Coaching will help you elevate your performance by unleashing your true potential in all that you do so that you can finally stand tall in ridiculously amazing… YOU.

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